How Teeth Whitening is Done

How Teeth Bleaching is performed

At-Home Teeth Bleaching

– First you have to choose tray fitting in which a customized

impression consists of your lower and upper teeth. Then, for

a couple of hrs everyday, you have to put on these customized

trays which are filled with carbamide peroxide gel.

You must do this not less than three days. The costs range

for free to under $500.

In-Office Teeth Bleaching

– You can buy a number of different proprietary teeth

whitening processes. A carbamide peroxide gel is used to

the teeth, usually Zoom, along with a light is centered on it for

a minimum of one hour approximately.

The gel responds to the sunshine and therefore whitens the

teeth. Then, in another somewhat similar process, a teeth

whitening gel produced from diluted hydrogen-peroxide is

put on the teeth.

A blue light, known as BriteSmile, is shone onto it to

whiten one’s teeth. In another process, you are able to whiten your

teeth as much as 10 shades using power light bleaching known as


Some dentists declare that this helps safeguard against

new stains, browning or yellowing of the teeth. This may

set you back up to $500.

Sometimes the teeth might be sensitive for any

day or two carrying out a teeth bleaching procedure.

Also, in case your teeth have grown to be yellow since you consume

excessive colas, dark wine, coffee or tea you very well may

notice perceptible variations within the shade of the teeth.

However if you simply have yellow teeth because of smoking or medications,

well, then your changes after the teeth whitening

procedures may not be so drastic.